Saturday, June 19, 2010

MBM Goes To Williamsburg

Neither work nor heat nor a murderous onslaught of bloodthirsty ticks will stop us from our weekly mountain bike ride! While in Williamsburg for a trade show Brian and I hit the Marl Ravine trail. This is a great 6 mile loop that is a twisting, turning, diving, climbing, rooty funfest. Numerous log-overs add to the fun factor. Not hard by Michaux standards but great fun!

The only downside was that at the end of the ride Brian lost count after picking the 12th or 13th tick off himself. I didn't have a single one on me but Brian was on cobweb duty out front most of the ride and I went pretty heavy on the DEET. Maybe he was bushwhacking up ahead.

If you are headed to VA Beach and want a fun ride check out Marl Ravine trail in York River State Park near Williamsburg, VA. Make sure to put on the bug juice first!

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