Monday, June 07, 2010

Tour de Cure MTB Ride

Despite the impending doom of high winds, hail and heavy rains, another successful Tour happened yesterday at Big Flat in Michaux.

Thank you to the MBM team members and riders---Stephanie Mader, Brad Wertz, Sue Witter, Mark Colucci, Sheena Perry and Christina Bohensky! With your help, we raised over $3,500 as a team!! Now we need to top that for next year!!

A HUGE thank you to all that came out to mark course, check course, float, sweep course and for moral support: Jody Eberly, Chris Brattaur, Don Pagano, Travis Coldsmith, Brian Banus, Dave Clay and Larry Camp.

Lastly, thank you to Brett for all his hard work in making this happen!

Please put this on your calendar for next year---it is such a great charity event that is in our backyard! It's also a great feeling to experience the comraderie of the participants in this type of event knowing you are helping others.

This chapter of the American Diabetes Association is the ONLY chapter in the whole country that is doing a mountain bike event and there needs to be more people to make it keep happening!

A lot of intermediate level riders come to this event and I feel that we, as more experienced riders, can give encouragement and support to keep these more "recreational" riders on their bikes!

Hopefully I'll see you next year!
Happy Trails...


Travis said...

It was a good time!

bravowhiskey said...

Thanks to everyone that participated!