Monday, September 27, 2010

Hats Off To Ya'.

A pure blooded MBMer took the podium at the Second Top Secret Beer Run. Believe me when I tell you, that was no small feat. Pat your boy Ho' on the back for whoopin' up on us Cupcakes. Rumor has it that he was by far and away the fastest rider on the lower, fastest, and scariest part of the course.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Ho'!

The only way I would podium is by bringing a keg of deliciousness.

Howard said...

Thanks, Tractor.

I had a great time. Racing downhill is probably the only way I`ll ever get to whoop up on any of you Cupcakes.

Let`s not forget Slow.He may not have earned a spot on the podium but he did pedal his bike up a small rocky climb that I hike-a-biked.

Say, when is the next beer run?

ruthc said... did i miss the initial announce that you won!!sweet.

Tractor said...

Slow was in the running for the Rock Star award,..(late night partay') but was out done by some world class veterans. Brett, Donna, and Larry were also representing!
Good times!
Will let you know about the next one after I recover and can actually think again.

Slowride said...

I only had three people pass me so I thought I came in fourth for sure!!
Turns out it was more like fourth from DFL.
Ho' passed me on the climb with a purpose. Nice riding and well done! You were delirious Ho, I was pushing when you dusted me.
Brett makes the best damn chorizo links I've ever tasted.
As for the cupcakes, hospitality was the main course.
If you missed it, you missed big!
Next time I'm camping!!
Thanks Tractor. Nice pull! ([:o

brett said...

Ton o' fun, for sure.