Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wed ride?

Is anybody interested in a ride tonight? Mont Alto? Caledonia? The pace will be steady but not fast. I'm just looking to get some miles in and have some fun.

I rode with all of Mooch's friends at Mont Alto last night. Coal Hearth had a lot of debris and there are a couple sections that have been logged/cleared.



Nevada said...

Sorry chuck. I do not get to read the blog till the evening so I did not catch this. Maybe next time.

ruthc said...

aw, me too..well i saw it in time but had already commuted to work so couldn't do both with time.

bucsexy said...

No problem. I did a solo road ride instead. It was a tad windy last night. I got home just as the high winds came in. I'm glad I wasn't out in that!

Anybody interested in a Friday ride? It can be road or mountain. Lemme know.