Friday, September 17, 2010

Spud Ride 2010

If you wankers want to try riding somewhere else, check out the Spud Ride down around York area on the 25th. Many miles, linking together the county parks. Good trails, good times. Check it out.


clownbike said...

clicked on the link but couldn't find any info on where it was, this sounds like my kind of ride.

brett said...

yeah, i didn't see the start location listed either. beats me. just be in york at 7:00 and hope for the best?

leave a comment on the their blog and ask the question. i'm sure more details will be forthcoming.

camps said...

Yo Jod,
I see they like Soul Cycles.
you're set now on that brown thing

brett said...

hey, the start and finish location will be advertised closer to the date. just checked with one of the masterminds.

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,
Jeremy here. The ride starts and stops at my place. I live about a mile off of Lake Redman. We hit all 3 county parks by trail, road and rail trail. All day ride, with support. You can pack a cooler and it will be waiting for you at designated stops. We post my address closer to the date. Great time with like-minded riders. Last year we had almost 50 people show.

Hope you can make it.

Any questions email me at:

gibsygoldtop at yahoo dot com