Friday, September 24, 2010

@X10 drive train 2011

Didn't know if anyone from shops got to bike show this pass week. I'm looking at buying a 29er that 2011 model. It has the new shimano 10 speed gears. Want people opinion on the gear ratio:

27/40 crank with 12-36 cassette. Wasn't sure if it better than 9 speed for climbing or middle range for rock gardens. I'm looking at going 1X9 gear for salsa bike, but not sure if leave it with 10 speed or convert down to 1X9.



Buck said...

Are you keeping your old bike? The only reason I ask is if you are I like to keep everything as interchangeable as possible and would do 2x9 or 1x9. Then you don't need extra 9 and 10 speed stuff. Call or email if you have any other questions. Would love to help you figure it out!

brett said...

Dude, with your torque, I'd wait to move to 10-speed until you see what the durability is with chains and whatnot.

Just sayin'.

bigE said...

I'm looking at selling my old bike, but not too over joy about 10speed drive train on new bikes. I can easily sell it to some roadies or at World cup bike swap in May.

The bikes I'm looking at got the new X7 sram 10 speed. The salsa el mariachi got 2X10 ($1750 out mid october)and scott scale 29er has 3x10 with x7 sram ($1600 Al or $2700 carbon).

i did sheldon brown on the 27/40. The 27 give you one more gear with 36 cassette (27X32 is same as 32x34). The 27X36 is same as 22X26 9 speed(3rd gear).

i agree with brett about chain being narrow (5.1)since I use it on road. i replace road one at 1500 miles, but not sure how strong on mtb.

I found on mtb you can go 9 speed with 10speed. You put 9speed front (derailer crank shifter) and rear 10 speed or 10speed front (derailer, shifter and crank) with 9 speed in rear.

i believe I read correctly some 9 speed cranks they just put 10 speed chain rings on (22/32/42). I have a richey crank on my touring bike (compact) with 10 speed chain ring which I use a 9 speed chain.

I thinking of swapping out 10 speed drive train to get a 1X9 drive train. As for wheel free hub I think they would just put a spacer on back (you do this with 10 speed road wheels).

I rented a SS salsa (32X20) on friday up raystown. Had a blast but the rock garden sections were pretty hard for me since I don't have SS riding techique down.
I had a rigid fork so weight was at 25 pounds for bike.

Had surly hub on rear not white brothers. I'm not sure how you guys ride rock gardens. i would have to ride one more to tuffen up my calves. The surly karate monkey looks good for that (especially the wide bar).

i did newport library ride today and found out pedal pushers are selling the surly brand now (has long hauler, karate as main selling bike). ted said he sold more surly 29er bikes this pass 2 years then 26 bikes. Ted was bike mechanic at the ride today so spent 1/2 BS while he work on my buddy bike (keven broke his cable riding over to event from carlisle).

I'm hoping the rockshox reba rl gets good reviews over winter because I would need a suspension front fork. The salsa I rent on friday fork gave me blisters and I haven't rode a rigid fork since 1993. curious if carbon fork help better for vibration and strong enough (cost $375 for a good one).



Anonymous said...

Emory - congratulations on longest comment ever.

You can't go wrong with the Karate Monkey. If clowny hasn't broken his yet its just about indestructible...

prophet said...

and don't think a carbon fork will make riding a rigid front fork more bearable. Rigid is rigid. You can borrow my Rig SS with a Bontrager Carbon fork for a test ride if you like.

clownbike said...

carbon is much stiffer up front than steel.

clownbike said...

carbon is much stiffer up front than steel.

BigE said...

thank guy for feedback. I didn't know anyone riding a carbon fork so didn't know what advantage (yes the weight). Didn't think it be stiff than rigid steel fork.

I asked bernie about his super fly carbon bike which helped me decide to stay away from carbon bikes. If I spend $3000 I would go salsa el mariachi TI bike.

Figured out the drivetrain I'm going to try get. i would go with 10 speed crank (26/39) with 9 speed in rear (11/34). looked at gears on sheldon brown didn't see a reason to go with 27/36 10 speed when 26(10 speed) X 34(9 speed cassette) is same gear ratio.