Thursday, October 07, 2010

Iron Cross Check point Sunday!

Hello again all. Just wanted to verify all my volunteers out their and times to work the check point. I have Dale from 8-Finish
Slowride Brian from 8-?
Mike from 8-Finish
Madison, Emily, and Myself from 8-3
New Mike(fisher X caliber) from 9-3ish probably meeting at check point
Mike W 8-finish
Trevis and boys up to you just let me know 8 and camp t or 900 at Check point area.
Joel and Fam. Let me know

ANYONE I MISSED?? Please let me know! Thanks, Josh


prophet said...

Scott and Owen - 9 to noon.

Slowride said...

I'm taking second shift on this one. Should be there around 10 and can stay to finish.
Set up the course today. Lots and lots of hunters out.
See you guys at the top.