Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Timbering--North Side of Ridge Road at Old Carlisle Road

Bid opens on 11-17-10.

Prospectus Here.

Original map Here.

Oh yeah, and check out this timbering gear owned by Glatfelter. It's working the cut very close to our house. No skidders here. A harvester and a hauler.


Anonymous said...

Saw those big boys in person last Sunday afternoon!

clownbike said...

that operation near your casa looked less distructive than normal skidder logging.

Chief said...

I wonder if they make something like that to smooth out rocks??

brett said...

Clown--that is what intrigues me. No skidders dragging logs through the underbrush. It'll be interesting to hike around there and take stock of the situation after they are done.

prophet said...

Yeah, after seeing the aftermath of the logging of Buckets a less destructive method sure would make a big difference.