Sunday, October 10, 2010

MBM Rocks Check Point 2 at Iron Cross!

MBM did ourselves proud today manning checkpoint 2 at the Iron Cross. We handed out drop-bags to the racers, helped them top off their supplies or locate a repair part like a well oiled machine!

Notice our illustrious leader barking out directions and pointing the way. Dale taking requests from riders. Brian in mid scramble handing out the water and heed and Trevis manning the drop bags.

Too bad there is not a checkpoint competition. We would have OWNED. Thanks to all who came out including spouses, kids and significant others. It was a fun time!


brett said...

You guys were awesome! Thanks for doing this!

ruthc said...

yes thanks!! best check point ever:-)and the top of wigwam was the most perfect spot too!!

chuck quackenbush said...

you and the rest of the Iron Cross volunteers are superb. CBRC team mates and I are always awed by your hard work and your hospitality. Thank you very much!

bucsexy said...

Thanks for manning that station and cheering me on. Wish I could have stopped to chat but I was still racing at that point. Thanks for the bottle hand-off. I can't believe Trevis pushed me into that rider! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for helping out everyone! A beautiful day in the forest.