Thursday, June 02, 2011

TSE updates for Donna

If anyone is interested in how Donna's doing and the days are going, check out and they have a link to the day-by-day results on the right hand side of the page. I hear there's shtuff on facebook, too. Pics, recaps, and results!

Donna's also updating our blog when she can, so check that out too--link is right here!

Only three stages left to go!


Slowride said...

Lets give an MBM'r some support.
Looks like Donna's in the top ten in stage four.
And definitely not DFL!
Way to goooooooo!!!!

Anyone know how many stages there are total?

Slowride said...

Uhm, lets see....
Its the fourth stage and there's three left to go....
I'm confused!

brett said...

today, friday, is stage 6. last stage is tomorrow. i'll riding with her tomorrow!

Bird Man said...

Way to keep those wheels spinning Donna! I've been checking your Blog and the TSE site everyday to see how you & Jill are doing, I hope you're having fun!