Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Cramping during rides?

Many of us are cramping on rides. I searched for information or remedies for athletic cramping on the web. Here is some of what I found....
These are aside from a proper diet, conditioning and hydration.

1) Stretching. There is ample data to conclude proper stretching before exercise will reduce cramping. It is also recommended to gently stretch or extend a cramped muscle until the cramp is gone.

2) Dr. Robert E. Agee of the Alabama Sports Medicine Institute treats acute exercise-associated muscle cramps with mustard. An athlete who begins to cramp is given one packet of mustard, washed down with water, every two minutes until the muscle cramp is gone. Although no formal research has been conducted to identify if, why, or how the mustard is working. Regardless, mustard packets are easy to carry and often no more than two are necessary.

3) Staff at the University of Northern Iowa have found that by giving two ounces of pickle juice to an athlete 10 minutes before exercise, even the most chronic cramper can remain cramp-free during high-intensity exercise. Pickle juice also seems to effectively treat acute muscle cramps. When an athlete suffered severe bilateral cramps in his gastrocnemius, he was taken out of the game and given two ounces of pickle juice. The cramps were completely gone within 30 seconds. They have tried this technique with other athletes and found it to be universally effective, with the great majority of cramps not recurring. It did not say how often to take pickle juice throughout the activity or if more was even necessary.

4) There are also statements saying a little bit of salt in your diet isn't a bad thing if you are properly hydrated and active especially during outdoor activities in high heat.

All of this assumes you are in good health to begin with.
There you have it. No more cramping in MBM ever!
Finally, the disclaimer:

The statements made here are the opinion of an unqualified spokesperson and do not exemplify or represent facts nor do they attempt to take the place of actual medical advice from a certified, practicing doctor. Your health should be evaluated by a doctor on a regular basis to determine treatments that best suit your conditions.


Anonymous said...

I've found the most successful way to stop cramps is to not ride your bike. I've never once gotten a cramp performing 12, 16 or even 22 oz. curls.

Nevada said...

Mooch is superior. I can only manage 16 oz curls. No cramps either!

BigE said...

i know a few adventure racers use a few cheap solutions.

One said she used olives juice. She did 5 to 6 hour races and kept it in flask during events.

Sammy and donna mummet said stuff you use for baby diarea works (I can't remember name right now but think it pedolite). i use it when I cramp up or feel it may happen during races. last about hour but i usually cramp up last hour of any race during summer or long hard ride.

i 2nd stretching exercises and drink alot of electro lite during ride. During hot rides I use electro lites before I cramp and take pedolite in flask for emergencies.

just my 2 cent.


brett said...

Pedialyte -- Nothing to do with pedobear!

Slowride said...

That's correct, apply the mustard directly to the muscle that is cramping.
Just keep slathering it on there until the cramp is gone.
It may take an entire bottle. Take the cap off and use gravity.
I'm telling ya it works!

Chief said...

Can ya throw a couple dogs on a fire and have with the mustard and a glass of pickle juice

Morgan said...

Hydration, hydration, hydration.

clownbike said...

mooch loves pickle juice.

Nevada said...

Clownbike-I think that was already understood