Monday, June 20, 2011

MBM Party at the Hughey's 6/25

It's just 5 days away folks! Party at the Hughey compound! We'll provide the protein and beer, you bring a dish or snacks or dessert. Kids welcome. We're going to have some biking obstacles and..........A NEW TRAIL! That's right, a new trail dubbed "Salamander" has just been raked out this evening. Ride Salamander past toilet bowl spring! Other attractions include:
-Ping Pong
-Hangin' by the babbling brook
-A screening of "Follow Me" (MTB movie)

If you want to goof around on your bike (helmets required) or watch those who do come on over about 2:30pm. If you want to come out for the eating and hanging by the BBQ come over between 4 and 5pm.

Please RSVP to "p r o p h e t 2 @ m e . c o m" (remove the spaces, of course) and I'll send you an email with directions. The title of this post should also be a link to google directions from Chambersburg.


prophet said...

Already have one volunteer for Salsa and chips.

Please post what you're bringing so we have an idea.

Howard said...

Sounds like it`s gonna be a blast!
I`m planning on bringing homemade bacon-wrapped jalepeno poppers. They`ll just need rewarmed.