Thursday, June 30, 2011

Upper Buckets this evening

There have been a couple grumpy old men working on the Upper Buckets this week. It is cleaned and raked within about 150 meters of Hog's Head Rd. A few good wo(men) could finish it this evening if someone brings loppers and leaf rakes. Maybe a McCloud or Columbo would be useful too. Almost forgetting- the upper entrance is not open, about 6 or 8 meters to cleanup.

Old Man SkinnyLegs


SkinnyLegs said...

Bring bikes too, it shouldn't take long to finish and then you can b reak it in.


clownbike said...

many thanks to the grumpy old men.

Slowride said...

This trail is soft and needs broke in. Please ride it. It climbs OK so up or down. Did anyone open the entrance at the top?
The trail at the top of sand got it too? That was nice! Somebody did some fine stone work on that, maybe some of it is still there.

Bird Man said...

Tell those Old Guys I said thanks!

camps said...

Thanks Grumps

brett said...

Let's hear it for grumpy old men!

Sue or Ho, I sent you the trailwork hours spreadsheet, right? We gettin' these recorded? Seems like we're on our way to a banner year.