Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blog Invite Emails

Just an FYI--if you are a paid member and do not yet have posting rights for the blog, please check your email and spam folders. We have sent out invites to all paid members using the email addresses supplied with membership information.

Accepting this invitation will give you the ability to create new posts on the blog, not just comment on existing posts.

There are currently about 13 or 14 unanswered blog invites out there floating about.

If you accept, you can be like Mooch and post bacon videos whenever you want!


Your Local Blog Nazi


Anonymous said...

Haven't seen mine. Who do I contact and how? - CraigC

Picnic said...

Hi Craig, I will be happy to look into your membership but we’re not certain who you are. Please use the capital letters in the phrase below along with the numbers in consecutive order to figure out my email address to send me a message so that we can discuss the details.