Friday, February 10, 2012

Sunday Norchaux Ride with MORE

Hey, All,

There is going to be a MORE contingent descending upon Laurel Lake on Sunday for a ride. Donna and I are going to join in the fun. There will probably be two groups at slightly different speeds and probably slightly different routes. Just confirmed meet time is around 9:30 but I will update here if that changes.

Click HERE for the ride post on the MORE forum. The ride finish will be down Vista, which is nice.

So, nutshell--Sunday, MORE, Laurel Lake, 9:30-ish, Vista finish.

Hope to see a few there!


camps said...

I think it will break into 3 or 4 groups. A wide variety of peeps and bikes is invading. Would be good to have locals to help lead. There are lots of interesting people coming.

There is also snow coming, with maybe 8"-12" falling west of us. I'm gonna struggle with this decision.....

brett said...

i am now struggling too.

brett said...

but we'll still be at Laurel Lake on Sunday.

Mooch said...

Ima ho-pin, Ima be-dare.