Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Casual Trails

something I made a few years ago for personal use (LC)

The bike trails near Caledonia State Park have been cleaned and marked. (by DCNR)
These trails are mostly smooth with some climbing and roots. They are very well groomed and ideal if you are just starting out or want to ride something casual. The map in the side bar at the right has been updated and the link now allows you to view and print the map.

I will be posting intermediate group rides which include these trails and others this spring. These will be Saturday morning or Friday evening rides weather permitting. Frequency will depend on attendance. This is a great way to get in shape for the more difficult trails Michaux has to offer.

To access these trails go south from Rt 30 on Rt 233. Take the first left toward Totem Pole and then the next right. Stay on the paved road and go all the way to the end which is the parking area.

These trails form a large loop. Do not cross water and do not divert onto any forest roads (double track) and you shouldn't get lost. Watch for hikers. Remember to always wear a helmet and carry plenty of water. Have fun!


clownbike said...

Good job Slow.

Nevada said...

For once I agree with Jody.

Slowride said...

Larry put the icing on this one.
Nice map!

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