Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Saturday Morning Ride

Anyone interested in a Saturday morning ride this weekend in or around Caledonia? Maybe start around 7 or 8am.


RJ said...

riding at 8 am saturday morning from the gravel lot at Rt. 30 and 233.
Post if you can make it.

Shawn said...

I will be there ready to ride at 8:00.

Slowride said...

I hope to join you on one of your Saturday rides RJ.
Sunday doesn't always work for me.
It's nice to see someone posting an option.

RJ said...

We had a good ride. Shawn, Matt and I rode up 30 to piney mt. Road, then the single track to lippencote to 233. I had to cut the ride short because I got a phone call from my wife with a sick kid, but it was a good ride. I don't think I'll be riding next weekend because I have a trail race on Sunday, but the following Saturday I'll be riding.

RJ said...
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