Thursday, April 05, 2012

Bunny Ride!

Easter Sunday Ride.
I'll lead a ride on Sunday from Caledonia at 9.
Maybe we'll run over a bunny. Maybe we'll find Jesus at the top of a climb.
Anything can happen!
See u there.


drw said...

Is anybody planning on joining me?
If so, please post and let me know. Also, check this thread in the am. I am feeling a little 'off' today and may be staying home tomorrow. Would anybody else that's going like to lead if I can't make it?
Thanks Ya'll.

Anonymous said...

I'm game, is this ride a go?, Rick

drw said...

Seems no interest, and I've been stricken with hives for scheduling a ride on Easters.
I will not be at Caledonia to lead a ride tomorrow, so if you go, you'll be without me as a leader.
Happy Easters all.
Eat ham.

drw said...

Same time posts, Rick!
See you on the trails some other day.

Picnic said...

It's a good thing you don't have any first born children yet, or you'd really be in trouble ;-)