Monday, April 16, 2012

Recent Timber Sales

We've been waiting and now it's out...bottom of Vista:

Prospectus for Mountain Creek Sale

And it looks like Four Logs is going to be Four Logged:

Prospectus for Red Run Sale


prophet said...

yeah, we saw the blazes the last time down Four Logs. Looks like they used the trail to mark the boundary again so we can kiss that trail goodbye. The dozers will drive right down it and destroy everything.

camps said...

Wow, looks like Four Logs actually has another name. Which begs the question???

Slowride said...

Looks to me like DCNR clearly has a trail marked on this map. However, they have done this in the past only to allow the trail to be completely destroyed. Midnight Ridge is a good example. Not sure why they allow it.

BigE said...

I'm thinking positive here. If they drive down 4 log trail then we get a better trail to build afterwards.

Meaning we go in an berm the track to take better corners and flow. The wild life will grow back in 3 years around our area.

Look at fender trail out on piney trail after they logged that area. It looks like crap but we were able to grow back in less than a few years.

My point is we can make the trail more banking and faster like a pump track or free ride(with berms or humps). There be enough dirt around to build it up.