Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Intermediate Ride

This Saturday I am hosting an intermediate trail ride. This ride is open to everyone. The pace will be easy but you should expect to climb and descend on trails covered with leaves, roots and small rocks. I would encourage anyone interested in joining the club or learning a sweet place to improve your mountain bike skills to come out and ride.

You need a trail bike with brakes and you must wear a helmet. I also suggest carrying a spare tube, plenty of water and something to eat.

The ride will consist of three loops. Each loop will get progressively more difficult. Each loop will pass by the parking lot so riders will have the option to drop out or keep going.

For more info see the Ride Flyer. An interactive trail map is in the sidebar at the right. The last loop will include trails not on that map. Ride time is 10:30am.

Any member interested in sweeping or supporting please post up.


SuZeQu said...

I will be there.

Slowride said...

Those heels have cleats?

camps said...

I cross-posted to the roadies.
Someone could throw a flyer up at YMCA, Golds etc

ray said...

TORC would have a Rule #5 involving after-ride adult beverages and nuts.

just sayin'

Slowride said...

Thanks Larry, I'll try to do that this afternoon.
Right on Ray. I'll stop by Mr Ed's and get a big bag o' nuts for after the ride.

Just so everyone knows, beginners are welcome and encouraged to come ride.

drw said...

How did the ride go?

Slowride said...

The ride went well. We had six in the ride group. We ended up cutting out pieces of the route due to time. The trails were in really good shape and the weather was perfect. Thanks to all who came out. Another intermediate ride is planned for next month. Watch for it.