Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Quick Release Bicycles Open for Business!

Chambersburg's newest bike shop opens for business today!  Our very own Josh Spencer, aka "Bucky" (and Emily!) are the driving force behind it.

Quick Release Bicycles at 1920 Lincoln Way East, Chambersburg. They are right next to Benny's Italian restaurant.  Phone is 717-414-7198.

Check them out on Facebook here:

Let's give them our support!  Stop saving 62 cents per tube online and vote to support local business with your wallet!  Stop in and buy something you'll need this season.  I am!

Disclaimer - I'm friends with Bucky and this post is totally biased.


Buck said...

THANKS SCOTT! You da Man! Thanks to all that stopped out and supported me today! Can't wait to see the rest off you!

Jeremy said...

Congratulations! Truly awesome. Best of luck!

CrashedAgain said...

If you are too lazy to fix your bike or don't know now, take it to Buck. Best wrench around.