Sunday, April 21, 2013

Trail work a success - reroute is done, get out here and ride it.

Thanks to the 26 volunteers who gave up their Sunday to come out and do trail work today.  The trail work  went great and we now have a new fun, flowy section of trail to ride.  Huge thanks to our President for catering the event, providing everyone with coffee in the morning and burgers, dogs, and a nice spread of other food and beverages for our enjoyment after the work was done.  Now please get out there and get some tires on it.


brett said...

I'll second Mike's sentiment--we could not have done this so well and so quickly without so many people showing up--it was a great turnout! It's great to have this entire trail opened again to get from Big Flat to Long Pine!

Slowride said...

Thanks to everyone that pitched in. You all provided a great service to the various user groups that will enjoy the trail for years to come!
All the food was compliments of MBM.
Thank you for your support everyone!

zero said...

wow...lots of "wildcat trails" on that map.