Friday, February 27, 2009

It's no wonder

It's no wonder nobody ever rides with these guys on Thursday nights. Can you believe they took a new guy on Lee's Rocks and the Narrows IN THE DARK.

Actually the new guy Greg was on a sweet Vassago 29er hardtail and was well prepaired to ride Michaux. Thanks for riding with us Greg.


pabiker said...

Very nice.

Sure miss riding those trails.

What no HorH?

camps said...

why are you guys walking down that section??

and, how were the conditions?

bucsexy said...

I suggested HorH!

We were walking up. We do't suck that bad!

Conditions were ok. Good in some places but soft in others. That picture was taken in a soft section hence the walking.

Anonymous said...

We were hammering UP that section and all of a sudden clowny says 'stop! I gotta take your picture.' so we just HAD to stop. Yeah, that's it, that's the reason we stopped...

clownbike said...

Hey Camp, The whole ride I was thinking..night ride... new guy..Lee's rocks... no insurance waiver.. Larry will be so glad he reuped for another year.