Sunday, February 22, 2009


Here's the map I had at the meeting
Timber sales for 2009 marked. Not Official. Not perfectly accurate or complete.
Should this be a sticky on the sidebar?


Travis said...

Where did you all get this info? I've seen a lot of stuff marked (Straight lines of red tape) that isn't on there through beautiful old growth sections in the south.

Travis said...

One more question,...who has this map??? I've spent the past few weekends hiking and "FINDING" a trail that raps the rim of of Virginia Rocks and takes you down to the Wild Turkey area. If the new land includes all of Tomi's Creek and Kepner Knob, believe me when I tell you that is one hell of a playground with downed old growth oaks everywhere,.....think tree riding and natural rock ramps. When does it actually become Michaux?

T said...

Larry Camp has the map.
How is your new trail section that goes from Rattle Snake down to Deer Lick? Is it in well enough to follow without you leading the way?

Travis said...

Sorry for the late response, hopefully you will get this. Rattle Dick is pretty good but until the weed whacker hits it, you will still have to pick your way through that section about 3/4 the way through.It needs ridden! All down trees have been removed to keep the flow and mo until it is broke in. There is another trail cleared right after that,...just a nice little down hill shoot. There are two more trails going in next to mackey but I'm losing motivation and starting to ride more, so who knows what that loop will be like by spring.