Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Funny how the T-shirt poll turned out - 34 voters on how I was spending their T-shirt money when only 14 people have actually ordered a shirt. If you want one, go to BikeReg and order it now. For those 14 who have already ordered you will have your choice of two designs: the regular Michaux shirt and the limited edition "PABIKER Stole My T-Shirt Money" design. I will send an email those who have that option. After 3/1 you can purchase the regular "Michaux" T-shirts only via my Blog (at a much higher price) - happy shopping!


Morgan said...

The BikeReg link goes to the generic website and a seach turns up zero for MBM or Michaux (other than Michaux Mash).

You started collecting money for shirts months ago, have turned down repeated offers for a club member to print the shirts AT COST, have done all of the design work with zero to minimal input from club members (that I'm aware of), and then get defensive when we ask for details. When did it become acceptable to jack up the price for those who opted not to pre-order for lack of details? Padding your profit margin off of club members is bad form.

I didn't pre-order a shirt before because you didn't provide enough details for my comfort level. Now I'm definitely not ordering one.

Anonymous said...

I didn't order a t-shirt. I just thought the options on the poll were funny so I voted anyway!

pabiker said...

That's cool, everyone should make decisions that they are comfortable with. Sorry I didn't choose you to make the shirts, but I had already sourced a supplier (who is also a mtb'er).

The poll was supposed to be funny and it turned out that way - I'm glad for that.

Most of the folks who pre-ordered have elected to get the "PABIKER Stole My T-Shirt Money" version which leads me to believe that they are good sports. These are very limited editions - look for them soon at the trailheads.

If you are not happy about me "jacking up the price" then simply order one in February - unless all you really want to do is complain. The only reason I decided to do it in the first place is because the club decided not to do one. No objections until recently, and curiously, not from the people who actually ordered one. I am financing the whole deal and don't intend to do a "T-Shirt by consensus" - although I have shared the design with several MBM members.

BikeReg had a major hardware failure over the weekend. Something that I don't think anyone could blame on me. Should work now.

Perhaps you can do the club shirt for 2009 - have fun with it.

Anonymous said...