Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Thursday ride 5pm at Mont Alto

Ride from the parking lot at 5pm. I'd like to climb and descend Buckets or cross 233 and do Ass Crack. If 5pm is too early please post here or email me.


Mary Moon said...

You know how bad I wanna do ass crack...but 5 is too early for me. Maybe we can bang up ass crack on Easter Sunday.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed riding with you guys last night. The trails in the later half of the ride were excellent, I'd love to see Buckets in the daylight. I hope to come on many more rides. I should be able to come up again this Thursday. You all should come down to the Frederick Watershed and ride with me sometime. I live 10 minutes from there so I'm up there a lot. I need to do less


Anonymous said...

Oops! The end of my comment should have said that I need to do less downhilling and more cross country riding so I can keep up with you guys and gals on the uphill sections.