Saturday, August 08, 2009

Another one bites the dust

Another broken (Trek) frame this week.  Luckily for Brad we were still pretty close to the parking lot when his 'greensickle' became a 'popsickle' Thursday night.


brett said...

wow, so much for ABP...sorry it snapped!

SkinnyLegs said...

"ABP" Does that stand for aluminum by products? Maybe they should use better beer cans.

Magellan said...

Dude, I was wondering what happen to you and then they said you broke your frame!! Atleast, you got the Voodoo in the nick of time!!!

rob said...

Think of it as an opportunity for an upgrade. At least you did not have to hike 5 miles back to the lot.

greensickle said...

Could've been worse so no complaints...but no warranty cause I bought used..idiot. Different frame in route.

Josh aka Maverick Mohawk said...

Ouch, glad you're ok!

Buck said...

Hey green what u doing with the old broken one? what would you want for it?

greensickle said...

I still need to tear it down. Do you need the rear shock or not? I'm sure we can agree on a price.

Buck said...

Green hit the my cell four 0 four 3427

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

What year was this trek fuel brad broke?

I bought a 2008 this spring. One of the guys from YAMBA broke his 2006 last week.

Emory from mechanicsburg.

PS: sorry can't make rides I got lymne disease and on IV for month of august (got bell palsey as side effects on both sides of face).

greensickle said...

Sorry about the lymne and bell but glad to see you follow the blog. 2008 EX8, 7 miles, and like new (perfect) when purchased local. Only put 250 miles total on bike and nothing extreme.

Anonymous said...


That's the model I got in April. I have exactly the same one.

i broke my Yeti in march (same one as chuck but carbon stay). I cracked the carbon last year and it was crunching when I squeazed it with my hand.

I had it 3 years and my parts were worn out, so it was cheaper to get a new bike. I didn't bother warnenty because they would only get me a new whole swing arm assembly. i find after 3 seasons the aluminum bikes ride rough and now decide to stay away from carbon mtb bike frames.

I sold my parts to local bike shop employee and gave him the frame (he a bike addict and look at trying to get it warrenty and build up as hobby as long as he can do it under $1000).


Chief said...

Hey Emory;
Hope you get over your illness. Did you get it from a tick or what. Heal fast and hope to see ya soon.

Anonymous said...

thank dale,

I got it up RCST trails when I was cutting trees off the trails back in early june. I was using a 16 inch folding saw to cut trees when I was biking. I got about 10 hours of trail work in 10 days removing about 40+ trees.

I had 3 speck marks on my upper thigh. Never got the bulls eye, but the facial palsey. My doctor thought it was bell palsey, so he treated me for that for 2 weeks.

Then I got it on my right side of face, so doc sent me to neurological doctor. I've been sick with this since july 3rd. I got 20 more days of the IV.

My right side recovered already but my left eye is taking it good old time. I hope it recovers in 3 weeks and i don't need any PT.