Saturday, August 01, 2009

new riding near Michaux?

A movement has been under way for several years to build mountain bike trails between Emmitsburg and Mount St. Mary's College. Retired pro-downhiller, Marla Streb's trail design and build firm, was contracted to design an IMBA-style stacked loop trail system for the University. The design was accepted in mid July. (Streb is a graduate of MSM).

Washington Township say they want a pump track at Pine Hill Park near Waynesboro.

Thanks to our Waynesboro member Magellan for getting this information to us!


prophet said...

Another stacked loop system even closer to home than Raystown! This is awesome!

Anonymous said...

One of IMBA's trail building objectives is to minimize social trails. (can't find their def of "socail".)
While its great the hear another trail system is going in I can think of at least five nice places to ride all within 30-45 minutes of MSM college.
(pine grove, caledonia, mont alto, old forge, codorus, bill kain, greenbrier, the shed, ..)
There is also a stacked loop system in Michaux that is growing over due to lack of use because it lacks any features at all.
There are more opportunities to ride in this area than many other regions combined. I think IMBA may be finishing a line before its time. I think this mainly has to do with the fact that people are unaware these other trails exist or they simply can't find them.
OK comence bashing.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, meant to say the University may be finishing a line before its time.

camps said...

Bashing is cool,
where are some of these places? who built them? what are they like?

I think the reason for the Emmittsburg trails is that 2 local citizen bikers pushed it with their community council and with the university. I don't know that imba had much/anything to do with it yet other than their design principles.

I, for one, would like to see these kinds of systems built in every town, and in every patch of woods. Trails as common as soccer fields would make many bikey kids happy.

Anonymous said...

wouldn't it be cool to have a mini Raystown made out of that Michaux stacked loop you mentioned. or a north shore syle.

Slowride said...

If that stacked loop is the beginner trails, I ride them. Sometimes I just want to ride and not have to push!!
Where (or what) is Bill Kain?

clownbike said...

If you're comparing IMBA trail with Michaux trail you don't get out much. IMBA style trail is great community trail. Michaux trail isn't exactly designed for the masses. More IMBA style trail is good for the biking community in general, not just hard-core riders.

Anonymous said...

in my ideal world we would keep michaux as raw as it is and then have an IMBA style trail within an hour drive so that there are both options for the area. tsali/raystown type trails are fun but get boring quick in my opinion..the challenge is in endurance, not really biking skills.