Sunday, August 02, 2009

splinter 'sploring

A rain-fatigued splinter group of radar geeks shunned the Shed and launched a research mission from Mont Alto before the crack of noon. Objective was to ferret out the elusive Sweeper, squeeze through as many deer fences as possible, and search out remnants of a legendary trail.
We finished up by laying some tracks on a trail that has seen very little use during this summer of vegetation growth.


brett said...

This would've been fun, but I was knee-deep in bike projects at that point in time. Finished Donna's Bianchi SS Cross rig and some other odds and ends.

rob said...

Finally I have rolled wheels on Spooge and Colonel W. Who would have thought I could ride for 4 hours at Mont Alto and spend 2hours on trails I have never seen or ridden. Thanks Larry and Jody.

pabiker said...

Sweeper, HorH - ride'em or lose them.

Sweeper is a tough climb.