Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Anyone need a GF Rig?

17.5 Med. 2007 GF rig with MANY upgrades! $650 obo gets it!
Hope mono mini brakes
Bontrager Carbon race x lite fork
race lite bar
race stem
Mountain king front tire maxxis rear tire
LX crank
Salsa seat clamp!
Just comment if your interested!


shorts said...

I need one....can you hold on to it and let me check it out? If I get a job I will probably buy it if I like it. Also I need a cross bike for under 1000....if I get a job. I still have your bag of big bear stuff....got rained out at the shed last week. Later! Will you be at the thursday ride?

shorts said...

you can email me at
buck4science at yahoo dot com

Mary Moon said...

Ooohhhh....just what I"ve been looking for. Frame is my size AND fully rigid. Let me know if Trish doesn't bite and I will (bite on the bike sale that is)

Buck said...

Mary, Trish said she will take it. I'll keep my eye open for another. Thanks for clarifying what you were biting on!

Mary Moon said...

No problemo. Tks for the update.