Monday, August 03, 2009

MBM Jersey Re-order

We've got some newcomers recently so I'm posting this mostly for their benefit.  If you'd like an MBM jersey there is still time to get in on this re-order of the red, white and green MBM jerseys. I have money in hand for at least 5 jerseys which is the minimum so an order will be placed next week when Sue returns from her western adventures.  If you want in let me know.  See the original post by going to older posts at the bottom of this blog for more info.


greensickle said...

I still want one! Had to bail early Thursday cause of the frame break and didn't get the money to Sue. XXL please and I'll have the $$$ with me to hand over at the next ride!

prophet said...


Yeah, I have you on the list. We're expecting your $$