Monday, December 07, 2009

club cinco

While the roots of MBM extend back to 1999, the Club underwent a reorganization in 2004 and we began our annual dues structure in 2005.  I would like to honor a group of individuals who have supported the club every year since then - Club Cinco.  Sure Las Vegas may have Telly Savallas and Players Club International, but Michaux has Club Cinco and in 2009 we induct these 17 inaugural members:

Brad Baylor
Trevis Benchoff
Wayne Benedict
Jerry Bonfiglio
Chuck Buczeskie
Ray Egolf
Charlie Ferrell
Dale Fitzsimmons
Jake Gettier
Aaron Hofelt
Bruce Kessler
Darius Mark
Joel Moats
Tanya Nitterhouse
Stephen Seeber
Mike Witter
Sue Witter

In 2010 we will be adding these 6 members who have already renewed for next year:

Paul Caulfield
David Hamilton
Martin Kell
Michele Mark
Rob Mazzei
Mike Mucker

There is still room for more and word is that while the parties at Club Cinco are awesome, the ones at Club Deux are even better.

Thanks for the continued support!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the story Grampa, Did you all ride through 40ft of snow to get to the meeting? hua hua did ya.

Mary Moon said...

Ummm...wha tha...did I get booted from da club or somethin? I coulda swore you guys were easy and all I had to do was pay money to be your friend. lol! No seriously, what's up? Is it past time for me to renew or something?

pabiker said...

What are you talking about? This is a list of folks who have been members for 5 consecutive years.

I don't know who you are so I can't tell you if you are a current member. You can renew anytime you like by clicking the BikeReg link on our homepage.

We don't "boot people from the club". We have a hard enough time getting them to join in the first place. Some folks just like to post on the blog.

Mary Moon said...

I had trouble logging in then I saw that list. Chill. Anyway, I'll just renew at the yearly MBM meeting. I give bikereg enough cash

pabiker said...

Ok, sounds good.

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