Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thursday daytime ride

I'm planning on riding during the day tomorrow. Start from Long Pine Res parking lot. Ride at 10:30am for about ~15 miles. Ride will include parts of the dark hollow course and the mash. Slow pace with lots of opps to drop out. Call in sick or take the day off. ([:o


Chief said...

I,m going to try and make it

Slowride said...

Great ride today but cold. My bike was having issues because there were still liquid puddles on the ground and the second water hit the bike it froze solid. So, my front drlr froze up then my drivetrain refused to engage near the end. Chief had to give me a tow back to the lot. Once everything thawed out it worked fine. I'm still switching the wheels back to the old reliable bontragers for the winter.