Sunday, December 13, 2009

Picture of the Day

I had work in Las Vegas, so I went riding for the day at Bootleg Canyon. At least for me, this place was made famous by Interbike. This is where the manufacturers demo their new bikes each year. The area has sparse vegetation and pretty sandy soil. It rained a bit before we started riding which rendered the trail surface more tacky. The locals said it was the equivalent of a powder day. The terrain rolls. No big climbs, rather a series of small to moderate climbs. It is all built for biking. Lots of whoop de doos and big G-outs. Some of the really twisty descents were a blast. The trail surface in the photograph is typical. There are some short rocky sections. The riding here reminded me of the Book Cliffs area of Fruita, but larger. There are other areas to ride out here including some high elevation alpine trails and a trail network called Red Rocks. I will have something to check out when I return here next year. When you get tired of the rain, snow and cold, you can ride Las Vegas all winter long!


dirtygirlmagnet said...

looks like fun, definitely a better option than the rainy and cold east coast.

SkinnyLegs said...

I wondered where you were this morning.

Chief said...

My hero,