Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ride report

It's not too often that we get 50 degree weather in the middle of December. Scott was smart enough to recognize this opportunity and post up for a Monday night ride. Lo and behold, seven riders showed up...to a night ride...in December! We were even able to pry the long lost 'shorts' off her spin bike to ride in the woods.

A few ride highlights:

- 3 hours and over 14 miles on a NIGHT ride in DECEMBER!
- the eerie, thick fog on tower trail
- riding down buckets without a light after my battery died (thanks to clowny and shorts for making a "mooch-wich" so that I could sorta see)

Great ride everyone. Get out today and enjoy the warm weather again cuz it's going away again soon.


Slowride said...

It was a very cool ride.
The thing with Mont Alto is if you ride up the hill from the parking lot it brings you back to the parking lot! I'm still trying to figure that one out.

shorts said...

WOW....last nights NIGHT ride was a blast! Ride summary continued...

Thanks to "chisel" ummm for showing up and risking burning down the house to ride!

Thanks to Mad Ale for missing girl scouts (I bet it killed you to miss girl scouts for riding).

Thanks to bucsexy for providing me with an awesome light set up, allowing me to finally ride at night!

Thanks to Scott, Brian, and Brad for waiting for the extra later people and for braving tower in the fog and snow!

prophet said...

That was a fun ride......I'm glad I thought of it! :-)

As long as your light is good I'm not seeing much downside to night riding.

Dark, cold.........bah! Just Do It! (Like Tiger!)

bravowhiskey said...

you guys are awesome