Saturday, December 05, 2009

Rockville Bridge Cyclocross Classic

Some MBMers braved the weather to race in Marysville today. I was not one of them but I did watch and take pictures.
Don Pagano raced Cat 4 on a SS cross bike and was the first person to ride up the steep and slick run-up! He got a prize for that. Not sure where he finished but the dude is fast!
Joel Moats raced the Cat 2/3/4 Master 45+ men finishing 4th and winning the series!
Aaron Hofelt raced Cat 2/3/4 Master 35+ and finished 5th.
Zach Adams (race promoter) raced Elite Men (Cat 1/2) and finished 2nd.
Trish McMillen lead from the start and won the Cat 1/2/3/4 Womens race in only her 3rd cross race ever. That's her in the picture with a 35 second lead.
Paul Doty provided neutral support for the racers. Thanks Paul!


shorts said...

Paul, thanks for the NON neutral support. Throwing beer cans at first place racers is not neutral at all I would say! Next time wait till my last lap for those shenanigans! It's all good. It really made me ride faster :-)

Chief please don't be mad at me for skipping the ride today. I am sick AND my son is sick.....My monkey will be resting on the couch today.

Will make it to the next ride FO SHO!

dirtygirlmagnet said...

interactive races (throwing things at the riders) are much more fun for spectators! I'm going to do it more often. It was a fun day watching some intense racing action, or watch Trish pull a 45 second lead in the first half of a lap.

Any action pics to post Chuck? I know Don has some too that we'll see eventually.

Sliding down the hill in the Buick at the end of the day topped it off for me.

bucsexy said...

I have a bunch of pics but I need a place to host them. I will create an account on smugmug tonight. There was a lot of good action Saturday!

Chief said...

You are forgiven Trish. To put it to your competitors like you did at the cross race you deserve to lay on the couch. Now as for Chuck he has some explaining to do!!