Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mont Alto Trail Report

Don and I took 'Park Trail' to Staley, climbed both 'Buckets', made our way across 'Hearth' and back down Staley. Had a blast! Met two original MBMers on the trails! So... if we get some rain tomorrow and more freezing temps, we may be able to start riding again with the studs. I don't mean you, Mooch.


CrashedAgain said...

That is great news. How deep was the snow? Assuming it was as deep as where we were skiing, how did you stay on top of it?

SkinnyLegs said...

Snow is still very deep, but very dense, easy to walk on top with snowshoes this week. Last Sunday we sunk in more. You should see the hairpin turn on Staley.... the 4 wheel drive jeeps and pickup trucks made it as far as the turn and then got stuck!

CrashedAgain said...

Wait a minute, did you say snowshoes?

brett said...

i'm still rooting for more snow.

Bruce said...

Hi Sue,
Is there anyone riding on Sunday, Feb. 28?
I can walk on top of the snow in my back yard which means there must be some trails that are crisp enough to enjoy.