Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thanks Travis!

Steve and I enjoyed a great 5-6 mile out and back loop tracked in by Travis who was kind enough to lead us today. My first real XC adventure. Wish we had snow like this all winter. The bonus is we can ride the same route when the snow melts. Steve had so much fun he did another loop with Larry who we met coming up the road as we were leaving. Larry thanks for the map of your trails, if the snow sticks around we will check them out soon. All you MBMers riding trainers or watching TV get some skis for next year, they cost about as much as a pair of studded tires. Navigation was not an issue, Steve was getting direct satellite feed from NASA to his head set.


SkinnyLegs said...

Who dressed you this morning Seeber? 1 gator?

CrashedAgain said...

My left ankle is higher than my right, so only one gator is necessary.

pabiker said...

Navigation on an XC track? Is that in case you blackout, slide out of the track, wake up, and can't find your way back?

Great weather today.