Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Beat Da Heat!

Anyone interested in an 8 o'clock start for the thursday ride?
Let's get the lights out and avoid the heat.
Whatdaya think?


Anonymous said...

Oh, it's gonna be a lot cooler tomorrow. Like only 94 or so. I wouldn't mind starting at 6.

Slowride said...

It doesn't really matter. Its 10:30 and its still 85/90 out.
I like the night ride idea, it just doesn't work for me on week nights.
I'm leaning toward the 6pm start or normal start time.

dah said...

Last night ~5pm I rode from Cowans Gap up to the Mountain House, down 30 (scary downhill) and back 75 through Ft. Loudon and jumped in the Lake. Not too hot under the trees. I highly recomed this 75-90 minute loop w/splash at the end.

Nevada said...

Ride report - 3 people there and somehow Mooch ended up leading the ride. Apparently Mooch can't climb turtle, which meant we climbed fire roads and then climbed some more fire roads. Yeah, what fun! At least we descended single track.

With the trails being taken out by the logging do we want to consider a different ride location for Thursdays?

Damage Inc. said...

Some trails not yet affected by logging you may wish to use. Not a complete list but enough to get you back in action. There should be some folks in the club that know these trails.

Top of the world
Sand Trail
St Ives (tower trail)
Cornel Weaseling
Lost Creek
Funny’s folly

Nevada said...

I am terrible with trail names, but think I know all of those. The challenge was finding a good trail up from the parking area. I guess turtle or the narrows, but those that I talk to do not seem to like that route as much as (moment of silence) former buckets.