Wednesday, July 28, 2010

trails workshop

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A horse rider sent this to me to help spread the word and get some mountain bikers involved. Looks like they're taking some trails stuff seriously, and this guy just attended a 3-day trails course at State College. Note the "Why" part specifically.

Would be smart to have some bikers and MBMers there. I'll be away that weekend/week. Weisers will be away. Time for our speedy new El Presi to make something happen? Damaged Inc? Cupcake Mafia? Never a better time and place to have horsers hear what we think, and maybe even get on the same team for some things.

If I could attend, I'd come ready with some locations that need some repair from hooves, like Trees of Tomorrow area, Upper Narrows etc?? I hope someone can make something happen out of this. How often do we get this kind of chance?

If you can't read the flier by clicking and zooming, let me know and I can e-mail it or try to paste in the text by itself.


camps said...

A little snooping reveals that the Council's idea of sustainable trails will probably not make the local Michaux horsers very happy. The Council prefer wider trails, with lots of packed in rock.

I like the thought of wider trails even less than the local horsers will.

Anonymous said...


Who might I contact to get some local thoughts on Grave Ridge? DirtRag is interested in possibly posting a news item in their print mag about the trail being logged, and later rebuilt/reopened. I talked with the district office already. Basically, the idea is to let people know that it's going to be logged this fall, but that it will not be gone forever, though changed for sure. If MBM is interested in saying a few words about the trail, that would be helpful.

I grew up down in McSherrystown, was an MBM member, and have a jersey, though I've pretty much always been a solo rider when up there.

Anyway, you can email me with MBM contact details at: james_murren at yahoo dot com.



Travis said...

I will try and be there.

Damage Inc. said...

I will be trail bound out of town that week but thanks for the update. Sorry to have to miss it! Linda W is a good contact.

brett said...

methinks i agree with larry. i really hope some people can attend and represent the mtb community well.

Anonymous said...

every rider who loves to ride should come to this if you can make it .i will be there gary fishers of north michaux.on trails today branches all over the trails frush cut .come on equestrians clean up your mess .we all can get along. we as biker have to educate everybody wright an wrong way to use of trails.if we dont care about it who will?thanks Gary Fisher