Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Grave Ridge Timber Sale is Out for Bid

Ride it while it's here, people. The unstoppable timbering machine is grinding forward, trails or not.

Map o' the impending carnage:

Link to the original.

The top of the ridge is the boundary--they are logging the backside of the ridge, out of sight from rt. 233. The access road is going in across from Dead Woman Hollow. You can follow the dashed lines that are trails on the map to figure out where the haul road is overlapping the current trail. I've heard second, third, or fourth hand, that DCNR is going to re-establish the ATV trail after the logging, but it'll be surprising if it's close to the technical nature of the current trail.

Links to Prospectus and Statistics:


Nevada said...

You are just full of good news!!

brett said...

the sun shines out of my bum.

Ryanne said...

Hey, I'm a Pittsburgh rider. I've down the Maximus and Mash rides at Michaux and loved it. I have a work trip to Chambersburg and would love to meet up with some riders for an afternoon. The night rides probably won't work, but if anyone is free in the afternoon (1-5p range), that would be great. Thanks.

Nevada said...

When are you going to be in Chambersburg?