Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Curse prerace ride

Presented by event organizers:
Sunday, July 18th at Big Flat back lot, ride time 9am.

Ride is intended for registered racers to preview the course.
There will be no support along the course during the preride.
Carry enough spares, water and food for the entire ride.

For more info click:
Race Michaux: The Curse Of Dark Hollow

Register for the July 25th race here.

They are still using Wildcat this year. Could be the last year its open.
20 mile GPS


Dkeg said...

I will try and be there.

SkinnyLegs said...

Which loop?

Chief said...

If I'm not racing can I go along???
I might change my mind!!

Howard said...

We will be riding the usual Curse 20 mile loop and you could always bail out and just do the 10. Chief, I`m sure you don`t actually have to race to go along on the prerace ride.

Chief said...

I was coming anyway. I just wanted to know if it was private ride or if you needed a ticket or or some secret password. (Just kidding)

Travis said...

Chief, the code word is "CUPCAKE",...usually preceded by a few other choice words!
In all honesty I think we had more riders at the Teaberry pre-ride last year than what we had at the race! Probably the reason for the wording.
Hope to see you all Sunday!.

Slowride said...

Its not my ride, just posting info.
I don't think anyone is going to complain if you ride and don't race.
Don't worry Chief, I'll find something to complain about.

Chief said...

I like to whine a little myself.