Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dark Hollow

Hey, did anyone besides Larry, Steve and Travis do the Curse. If so how was it for you? I did not see anybody besides them. I found it to be rather hot at first then froze for a few minutes when it rained. Sprained my ankle at the start during the run. But I was able to finish the forty miler. Then it swelled up after the race. I could not walk on it yesterday. But it feels a lot better today. The forty was fun but tough. Wigwam sucks!


bucsexy said...

I did the 20 and cheered you on during the run. I had a bad day. I did well in the run but my legs were weak on the bike. My knee and back were killing me. My seat tilted up twice so I had to stop to fix that. I flatted 1.5 hours into the race and had a 26" tube with me. I decided to just ride it out after that.

Josh, Howard, Brian and Dave Wilson (aka DRW, aka Cosmo, aka Dr. Zima) also did the race.

Slowride said...

I finished. Its a tough course. I was spent by the time I crawled back into the lot. And that was during the run!!

I carried two tubes. Luckily I had no flats, but I passed several from the start all the way to the lake.

camps said...

I started and stayed in finishers pace from the get go. It's not fast, but it serves me well. Stopped a couple times on Abby after Dkeg dropped me to adjust my saddle on the rails (finally got it to stop creaking).

The only thing that didn't serve me well was stopping and giving "a patch" to a guy at the base of Yellow Hill. I was in tour guide/Samaritan mode and thought sure, I can stop and give a guy a patch. Then I find out he has no pump, no good tube, and has a 700x32 road tube. That started to ruin my mood a little, why someone would do that loop w/ no kit or clue. I gave him one of my tubes and worried about flatting the rest of my ride.

The night ride across Scientology was really cool. Hoped the rain would end by the time I slinked back on in to the party.

There's a problem with the 20-miler results. If anyone took pics of the board, that could be pretty helpful.

Howard said...

I was in second place with the leader in sight at the first aid station. I held on to fourth place into Camp Trail where finally(I thought it was going to happen a lot sooner) I heard someone approaching from behind. It was Buck, talking like Fat Albert none the less. I left him go around and managed to keep up with him for a couple of miles until both my legs suddenly cramped. Buck tossed me a gel and went on his way to finish fourth. I held on to finish fifth which I was very satisfied with. The entire event would have gone great if not for the fact that the storm wrapped my "Easy-Up" around a tree. I guess I`ll buy a new one and stake it down next time.

CrashedAgain said...

I was having a pretty good run down Abby until a person fell in front of me. I thought I could sneak around him but instead, I did one of my well practiced OTB moves and did some damage. On the way to Yellow Ridge, my brand new chain broke in two places. I think it was damaged in the initial OTB. Fortunately, I carry a large supply of quick links and put the chain back together. I was becoming concerned as the storm approached--I was starting to wish I brought a light. I finished before the rain arrived. It started as soon as I got the bike on the car. After that, it was like driving in a car wash. On to Teaberry!

Chris said...

I finished last in the 10miler senior group. Some of you in the 20 may remember passing a clyde in the last singletrack after the power line, that was me.
The heat really got to me once I got to the lake, then ran out of water on the last part and just decided to start walking. My goal was to finish and I did. (and I beat the rain)
I really enjoy these races, they are done very well and it's great seeing big turn-outs like we had Sunday. See you all or Teaberry, or when I decide to finally do a ride.

drw said...

I also did the 20 and had a pretty successful race, though painful.
Finished top-10 and under 3hrs, which is my optimistic goal.
No mechanicals and no wrecks, for the most part.
Was a tough course and I really lost my juice on the road climb after the camps, and the final singletrack was a challenge.
Had occasional frustration with traffic on abby, but I always love that trail.
Congrats to all!

camps said...

stunning that Keefer and Harlan pulled sub-4-hour loops.

and I thought I was a bad-ass for sub-6

Anonymous said...

Result problems, I don't mean to give constructive criticism but maybe it will help.

I've done races at Michaux and I've never eaten there.

So there is a problem with food too.

A laptop or two (one as back up) with Microsoft Excel can fix your results problem.

As for the long lines and the lack of food after the race. I don't have a solution.

The race price should be slashed for those that don't want to eat, less 5 bucks.