Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bike Reg Sp@m

My name is Miss Joy
i saw profile now
and pick interest in you as friend to share important discusion with you
as friend so contact me through my email
addresses for
picture and other discussion ok

Should we let her join?


Slowride said...

I'm guessing she wants 10 bucks from us and not the other way around. If she's offering unlimited rides for that I know a few people who'd be willing to join her club...

Buck said...

No because every other post will be how to get a new i phone for free! Haha!


Nevada said...

She sounds too "fast" for me!

camps said...

Let's not rush into things without pictures.

bucsexy said...

Everyone sounds too fast for Utah.

Camps is right. We need pictures!

Who's going to make the first "spreading Joy" joke?