Thursday, May 19, 2011

DirtFest 2011!

Anyone coming up to Raystown for DirtFest? If so drop by to see the Hughey clan in the Ridge campground at site 41. I even have a bed or two available tonight and there is also room for at least 1 tenter, maybe two, if anyone is interested.



BigE said...

I'm going up this afternoon hoping most rain gets through. i see after 9pm the rain done for friday and 79 degree sunny saturday.

I'm staying down at festival with a few friends. Hoping to see some of the reps for info on items I'm researching (plus talk with SRAM).

I got a buddy from state college who is going to lead a ride sunday up greenwood furnace, so we will only ride raystown saturday. i rode raystown 5 times already this pass 5 weeks so no big deal for me to only ride one day.

See you up there on trail.


The Wiser Weiser said...

Hey-the Weiser's aren't going---it should STOP raining... ;)

brett said...

See how much we like you guys? We're avoiding a riding/party weekend so everyone else can have a great time.

Bird Man said...

The rain does seem to follow you guys around, maybe you should go to some drought stricken area, then you could be hero's.

brett said...

We're thinking of heading to New Orleans next. They'll appreciate the visit.

BigE said...

It was a great weekend. I got up there at noontime and it stop raining. By 2pm friday it was sunny.

We had hig 70's saturday and cool 70's sunday. They had alot of micro brew both nights and a cool band saturday night (same band from last year).

The only trail bad was eagle trail to hydro trail. It was a sticky mud trail and north trail (over by ridge of seven point road) was drying out alot.

They had alot of demo bikes. Shimano and SRAM had to put their 2012 toys (drive train) on bikes so they had ibis, titus, yeti, lynski, turner, intense and some trek high end models. Pivit cycles had the 429 there, but i couldn't ride a $5000 bike because i knew I would want it (can't afford it).

I felt bad for the GT guy because he couldn't get his bike demo much. Cannondale went to the california race, so they sent the GT dealer (the rep is Gt dealer in WV and deals GT).

We had over 1000 people, but trails were not that crowded. I did the trails over by seven point in morning and by afternoon I didn't see too many riders on ray's revenge. They must have rented 5 to 6 house boats on the water.

Met alot of new friends and saw some old friends. Was a great weekend for biking.


The Wiser Weiser said...

Thanks Emory! Maybe we'll have to go next year!

prophet said...

Yeah, DirtFest was awesome this year. Great weather and trails to bomb. I demo'd the Pivot Mach 429 as I have always wondered how that rides seeing Steve on his for the last couple seasons. It felt very sure footed and stable if a little heavy. The large frame 429 was 30.5lbs which was surprising to me for such an expensive bike. Also demo'd a Niner EMD9 with the new SRAM 2x10 setup which is pretty sweet. Front shifting is way better than normal for an MTB and I liked the gearing which seemed to be right in the sweet spot for running the middle ring.

I think it is a shame that MBM doesn't have more of a presence at this event. This is a fantastic event to have so close to home and you owe it to yourself to check it out if you have not. The beef I've heard from some about it being too crowded just isn't true. Sure, you're going to meet some people on the trail occasionally but with the directional trails during this event this is minimal. It is also a great opportunity to demo bikes back to back on trails where you can really notice the differences between models.

BigE said...

I agree with scott that the options off demo bikes made the trip worth while. They had bikes I could never own, but always wonder how they ride.

The lynski bike I demo was on my list to buy, but decide on a salsa steel bike. I wasn't that impress with how the ti rides. I wouldn't had a good place to ride one to find out it wasn't for me.

The XL frame i thought would fit me was tall and slow riding. i want to ride a MCR niner but they only had a medium. They had alot of the carbon niner bikes, but I couldn't get a chance to ride one.

I agree with scott about the 2012 shimano XT gear. I loved the brakes and the shifting was right there for you.

I got some cool deals from dirt rag booth. Got a left over jersy from last for $10 (size large) and 2 pair socks ($5 each ) being the air defeet brand (which are over $10 in the shops).

I had a hard time ridng because i kept running into people I new. We was on the bottom of dark hollow trail and sitting at the bridge warning people it was slippery. I must saw 5 crashes (the guys ignored my warning) at that section. I was chatting with a guy from buck county doing the epic ride (42 miles).

Sunday i even got to chat with some guys from down south about trail building. I think we had peole as far a way as michigan or wisconson there for event.

I don't think the trails were that crowd, but it was less than you see in a race. Sunday I saw people later after 1030am (I went out at 830am) and it seem like you were alone alot.

On saturday I rode with 6 different groups based on when people took a break. I was never the last person on these rides at dirt fest.