Sunday, May 01, 2011

Do you like BEER?

Plan on a beer-tasting picnic at Dave Wilson's!
I'm looking at 6 o'clock on Saturday May 7th - that's the Saturday after Maximus.
I will be providing my home-brews, which I've been doing for over a year.
Plenty to choose from and enjoy. You are also free to BYO any commercial brews to drink or share.
I figure we'll provide dogs n burgs, if everybody can bring a little side-dish of some sort.
I'd rather not post my info on here, so I'll have my number and address at future rides.
Please give a little loose RSVP by Maximus, at latest.
Oh yeah - members only!
Oh yeah - significant others welcome!


brett said...

This sounds like lots of fun, but we won't be able to make it. If it was a month later, might be a different story!

drw said...

We have a solid 10 rsvps so far, with a bunch of maybes thrown in there.
Come hang out and drink some of my beer. Just had one win a sweet blue ribbon at a competition - So it must be at least drinkable!

bucsexy said...

Jamie and I will be there. Should I bring my own root beer and/or birch beer? ;-) What side dishes do you need?

drw said...

Cool, Chuck!
I guess I'll pick up a little O'douls for you.
We'll have some non-alcoholic drinks available.
I guess I should get an idea of what people may be bringing. Anybody want to claim anything in particular?
First dibs!

bucsexy said...

No O'douls for me. I'll stick with root/birch beer.

I'll bring a half bag of chips and 3 pretzels.

Nevada said...

Guacamole and chips?

drw said...

You guys are on it!
I'm keepin notes.
See ya then.