Monday, May 02, 2011

(pic from DKeg, who took 2nd in SS/20)
I'm positive that was the first smile on my mug since I crossed the road at Mile-30.
A world of hurt different from when I saw Donna, Bucky, and Brian at the chapel.

former MBMers go 1-2 in the SS/20


brett said...

Good to see you finish that bastard, Larry! Oh yeah, Dkeg's a current MBMer, as of yesterday.

Congrats to all the MBMers who raced...and volunteered. Ho, Birdman, Dr. Dave, how did all of you do?

Dkeg said...

Yeah, let me post on the Blog again.

Howard said...

I took 3rd in the twenty senior.

drw said...

Was a good day for a ride in the mountains.
I found it a little strange doing the second half first. I think I liked it better the other way -easier finishing up logsled than up that crazy, muddy mess on the other side of the mt.
Ended up 5th in the Sr 20.
No mechanicals, no bleeding, little cramping, enjoyed the roypitz at the finish as usual - guess I can't complain!

Bird Man said...
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Bird Man said...

Great day for a race with a lot of good guys out there racing. I finished 1st in the 10 miler vet class even with 3 flat tires. I no more then passed the first place senior who had a 2 minute head start on the vets when I double flated. I got the Stans to seal up the holes and put air back in, apparently the front was still loosing air though and I rolled the front tire right off the rim about a mile later. Put a tube in it and got some help with co2 and pump from a couple good guys and clawed my way back through the pack to finish 5th overall. Had a great time and I've got plenty photos and video to share once they are uploaded.

bucsexy said...

I finished the 20 miler. Considering the lack of riding, not eating enough and getting just a few hours sleep I think I did pretty well. But I still sucked!

Anonymous said...

Joe from york. i rode with you guys this winter. 5th in the 20miler. hopefully me and dennis can get out with you guys again. they had me as jorden gordan. 40miler next race. thanks