Sunday, May 15, 2011


I rode the reroute today and there were horse tracks and piles on the first half. For how wet its been there wasn't much damage. I guess since they are not climbing they aren't tearing it up too bad.
There's also been some ramping, rock removal and a few go arounds already forming (minor). All that was on the first half. The second leg looks good. Lines are starting to form.


Howard said...

Ramping? What the #$%* is there to ramp? Even Slowride rode the entire trail with no ramps! Musta been those MBM pavers!
Good to know the horses aren`t doing much damage yet.

Zee Pirate' said...

I've ridden the trail 5-6 times. Reworked some of the "rock work". In some cases where there were 5-6 rocks cobbled together i put one big rock in...It is just going to be more stable over the long term and not constantly shift. Haven't seen any ramps whatsoever though..

Been seeing the horse poop too..they'll ruin it eventually, just give them a few months.

"Their fun Ruins our Fun."

brett said...

Guys, this is a multi-use trail. That's the reality. This anti-horse stuff isn't going to do us much good.

Slowride said...

The ramping was on the large log in the first leg.
The rock work I noticed was some of the grave stones pulled and laying flat in the trail.

I think water is our worst enemy in Michaux.

(If some humperdink makes a comment about being anti water I'm gonna post the pictures of Miss Joy I just got for ten bucks!!) (I got a free Iphone too!!!)

camps said...

I hate water.
I like droughts.
I was never fond of that log after the Y-tree either. We meant to cut it out, as it adds nothing and is in a weird place. Ramping it just makes it worse. It's not like that was a fun log. Maybe some large fun logs will fall, but that wasn't one, and we didn't really leave it there on purpose.