Thursday, July 28, 2011


I will be out of town for a couple weeks starting Sat. so I need someone to do the rides. (This Sunday and next). I also have a set of DT Swiss Tk7.1 29er disc brake wheels I would like to sell ($200.00)


drw said...

Would I like them???
I need some wheels for my air9.
Call me.
Let's do Caledonia -secret trail to heaven or hell. That oughta bring out the crazies.

prophet said...

Some other trails I'd like to ride that I haven't in a while:
-3 mile trail
-The Shed (haven't been to MD this year yet)

drw said...

Yeah, there was 'shed' talk for this weekend. Anybody available to lead?

camps said...

Rode Heaven or Hell today. It was surprisingly open, other than the very first part. Was 1-1 on the Gate, and 0-1 on the Death Chute with some slight skin loss, then salvaged with 1-1 on the High Line. The runout on the bottom is overgrown and sketchy as usual. Walked a lot of that. We need to ride that more.