Thursday, August 11, 2011

How come there is no music when I ride?!

10 Things I have learned about Mountainbiking from Filme von Draussen on Vimeo.


For Your Enjoyment


brett said...

so makes me wish the new kona was finished so i can fun with suspension.

brett said...

wow, that was engrish.

Slowride said...

Great Video. Where's it at?
Lets go!

brett said...

Looks like Yurp.

prophet said...

Great video! Thanks for sharing.......lifted my spirits on a sunday when I'm not on the group ride!

prophet said...

Almost forgot Steve! If you'll just stop whining so much you'll be able to hear the music.....;-)

clownbike said...

1.Gravity works best when you're fat.
2.Suspension is for wussies.
3.Gears are for queers.
4.Beer makes all trails better.
5.Crashes are better with friends.
6.You'll never regret going unless you get a tree stuck in your leg (Brad).
7.Riding with whiners sucks.
8.Mountain biking consumes everything I earn.
9.Picturesque double track is for whimps.
10.Rocks are hard!

prophet said...

Clown's list is much funnier!

brett said...

i am a fat "whimp" wussie queer with no money...and proud of it.

Tractor said...